About Bangy Bee Metalcraft

Bangy Bee Metalcraft specialises in creating personalised and non-personalised metal gifts and signs for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, new babies, the home and garden.

The material we use is a standard 3mm steel and the signs are cut out using CNC Plasma cutting technology.  All products are designed and produced in the UK in a workshop in Port Hamble, Southampton.

Bangy Bee Metalcraft offers a wide range of finishes, we have selected our top 16 finishes or you can choose an alternative colour or shade from the RAL Classic range which uses the European colour matching system.

The coloured finishes use a powder coating system which is the process of coating a surface with powder material using electrostatic and compressed air.  It is then baked and dried to a firm durable finish which is resistant to scratches, cracking, peeling, UV rays and rust. Our Weathered Rustic and Rusted finishes are coated with a clear powder coat to benefit from the high quality finish.Sara and Kev polaroid

The business was inspired by Julie Butt after asking her husband Steve, owner of Spar‑Tec Engineering, to create a gift for her sister’s 6th Wedding Anniversary which is Iron.  Julie’s background in marketing and advertising combined with Steve’s expertise in metalwork means Bangy Bee Metalcraft products are a real mixture of fun, classic designs with excellent precision and quality finish.

If you’re wondering about theNahla Comfort Blanket name Bangy Bee – it’s the name Julie and Steve’s great niece Nahla gave to her comfort blanket!

We love seeing our products once they’re in your hands – make sure to tag us in your photos @bangybeemetalcraft on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.